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NACHI-FUJIKOSHI was founded as a tool manufacturer in Toyoma City in December 1928. In 10 years the company started up its own steelmaking plant with complete technological production cycle from raw materials to finished goods.

From this point on the company has developed to produce tools and bearings from high-quality raw materials of their own. The core principle of company development was shaped in a motto: “We want everything we make to be of the highest level of Mastership”. At present the company has a vast experience, which has no world analogues, in producing such products as tools, bearings, robots, hydraulic equipment and materials. It plays a significant part in creating new technologies, advancing production level and accumulating unique know-how.

The corporation has its own engineering developments in various domains, including special steels with specific properties, heat and mechanical treatment techniques, as well as production of completing parts. By employing the diversity of its activities the company holds a solid position in the sphere of manufacturing.





To produce transmission bearings the company uses not only unique materials like MS and MT steel grades, but also a special heat treatment technique. Thus, the company can offer compact and light-weight bearings, resistant to fatigue fracture and temperature effect in extreme conditions. Besides, the company investigates possibility to use MS and MT steel grades not only for transmission bearings, but also industrial machine tools with special strength requirements, e.g. printing machines or paper-producing machines.

The corporation designs and vastly employs in production new high-quality material for manufacturing parts with exclusive standards of productivity. The mentioned material under the FM ALLOY® brand is produced according to unique technological process in special melting conditions.

Availability of own foundry production allows the company to successfully promote FM ALLOY® on the market. The alloy possesses the following characteristics:

  • unltra-low impurity content;
  • fine grain;
  • homogenous structure.

The parts produced with high-quality FM ALLOY® are used in precision machine tools, automobiles, planes etc.

The NACHI-FUJIKOSHI Corporation produces:

1. Industrial bearings of various types and sizes from miniature to large. Automobile bearings. Bearings hold the NACHI brand. The NACHI bearings are manufactured with high-precision and are characterized by outstanding operational characteristics and, consequently, long life. All NACHI bearings are certified with Japanese JIS standard and international ISO standard.

2. High-precision cutting tools made of special steels.

3. Special high-quality steels and workpieces.

4. Automated machine tools and high-precision mechanical treatment units, including high-accuracy finishing and grinding of parts.

5. Robots, robotic systems of manufacturing automation.

6. Industrial furnaces, including carburizing and degreasing furnaces.

7. Hydraulic equipment.

8. Metal coating equipment.

Official web-site: http://www.nachi-fujikoshi.co.jp/eng/company/index.html

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